Environmental / Industrial Road Cleaning
Environmental / Industrial Road Cleaning Stein helps meet EPA regulations for clean air with environmentally sensitive road cleaning services. These services result in a significant reduction of dust pollutants in industrial complexes and surrounding public roads.

The Importance of Environmentally Sensitive Road Cleaning
If the dust that falls on paved surfaces from factories and industrial sites is not flushed away by rain, it will remain on road and parking lot surfaces. Each time a vehicle passes by, dust is circulated into the air. Increased traffic causes a greater amount of dust to become airborne. This uncontrolled fugitive dust negatively impacts the air quality of the surrounding area. Dust particles less than 10 microns in size are small enough to affect our health because they can reach the lower regions of the lungs. To help reduce this type of dust pollution, the EPA enacted the PM-10 standard which stipulates that particulate matter less than 10 microns in size must be controlled and removed from the atmosphere.

Stein’s environmentally sensitive road cleaning services pick up dust, dirt, and chemicals that can contaminate the environment. If these pollutants are promptly removed from surrounding streets, industrial sites, parking lots and other paved areas, they are less likely to end up in the air or be a part of water runoff.

Advanced Technology
State-of-the-art regenerative-air vacuum sweepers are a critical part of our service program. Traditional street sweepers only use spinning brushes which can cause dust to be stirred up into the air. Stein’s advanced sweeper service loosens dirt with a direct blast of air while the vacuum system routes dirt to a holding tank.

Traditional street cleaning requires the use of water, so it can only be done when the temperature is above freezing. With Stein, the use of water is optional, so cleaning can take place in weather conditions above or below freezing.

Benefits of Stein’s Environmentally Sensitive Road Cleaning Service:

  • Particulate matter is not redistributed into the atmosphere
  • Our sweepers are able to perform in temperatures below freezing
  • Nominal particulate matter is left on the roadway surface
  • Improves air quality for surrounding area
  • Our advanced process is quick and efficient, and may complete jobs in less time than normal sweeping with much better results
  • Our advanced technology requires no capital outlay to the customer

Problems with Traditional Street Sweeping:

  • Excessive amount of particulate matter is re-introduced into the atmosphere
  • Particulate matter remains on the roadway and in road cracks
  • Traditional street sweeping can only be performed while the temperature is above freezing
  • Does little to improve air quality for the surrounding area

Efficient, Cost Effective and Flexible
With more than 60 years of on-site industrial experience, Stein delivers superior results.

Stein can customize a cleaning and reporting service designed to suit your company’s specific road cleaning needs. We offer limited as well as 24/7 service with dedicated road cleaning units.

Stein can also provide related services such as water/emulsion spray services for unpaved areas.

For more information, or to arrange a trial at your site contact Stein at 440.526.9301.

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