Mill Services
Raw Material Screening
Stein recognizes that today's steel industry requires high quality raw materials in its steel making and iron making facilities. Through the utilization of portable screening plants, we are able to enhance the quality of the raw materials by achieving our customers gradation requirements. Coal / coke, mill scale, and pellet screening are typical screening services we provide. These services are normally provided on a turnkey per ton basis; however, we have the flexibility to work with our customers on a variety of operational and pricing approaches.

On-site Roadway Cleaning and Maintenance
Stein offers on-site roadway cleaning and maintenance through attachments such as snowplows and equipment such as road sweepers. In addition, our special water trucks can place water or other dust suppressant on roadways as required. Since we are already on-site our rates are highly competitive with environmental companies who offer similar services. Finally, we offer a cold mix product, using slag, to fill any on-site pot holes. As a result, our customers do not need be concerned with any aspect of road maintenance in staffing their operations.

Vessel and Ladle Cleanup Service
As a part of our overall approach to furnishing melt shop services, Stein has always been in the forefront of providing vessel and ladle maintenance through the use of telescopic boom equipment with attachments.

Bulk Material Handling
With our large equipment and truck fleet we are capable of hauling large volumes of bulk materials efficiently and cost-effectively. We have moved large tonnages of iron ore, limestone, mill scale, scrap, and slag both to and from unloading docks and steel making operations.

Waste Stream Management and Landfilling
Stein provides material handling and processing of waste stream products such as flue dust and filter cake.

In the area of solid waste disposal, we have over 25 years of experience in the operations of solid waste landfill facilities in the Northern Ohio and Eastern Michigan regions. Our environmental staff works very closely with federal, state, and local EPA personnel to insure that our projects are environmentally safe and aesthetically pleasing.

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