The Stein Companies, headquartered in Broadview Hts., Ohio, are privately owned with over 60 years of experience in providing slag processing and steel mill services. Below is an overview of our scope of services:

    Slag Handling Services

  • Steel and Blast Furnace Slag Removal
  • Reclamation of Metallics
  • Slag Sales and Marketing

    Scrap Handling Services

  • Scrap Preparation to Specification
  • Scrap Management
  • Scrap Recycling
  • Revert Scrap Collection / Processing
  • Dockside Loading / Unloading

    Mill Services

  • Raw Material Screening
  • On-Site Roadway Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Material Handling Consultation and Efficiency Analysis
  • Waste Stream Management and Landfilling
  • Mill Scale Removal, Screening, and Recycling
  • Refractory Segregation and Recycling
  • Alloy Handling
  • Vessel and Ladle Cleanup Service
  • Iron Breaking
  • Demolition Services
  • Rail Operations and Track Maintenance

    Maintenance and Repair Services

  • Slag Pot Repair / Replacement
  • On-site and Remote Maintenance Service

    Additional Services

  • Equipment Sales
  • Equipment Rental
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